Young Boy is caught in the NBA spending time with his son Wya Mayweather, newborn, Controll Jr.- Shadow Room


While NBA YoungBoy and Yaya Mayweather’s relationship status has been unclear since she gave birth to their son, he appears to be in the life of Kentrell Jr.

Yaya’s mother and Floyd Mayweather’s sweetheart, Melissa Raine, recently snapped a photo of Young Boy holding baby Ki J in his crib.

In the black and white photo, it appears YoungBoy is either leaving or arriving at the Sparks Steak House in New York City with his newborn son in his hand.

Melissa Rene captioned the photo “KJ WITH HIS DADA.”

Fans were delighted to see NBA YoungBoy with his Kentrell Jr. It is believed that this is his debut with KJ although it is unclear if YoungBoy had seen his son prior to this last trip.

Fans weren’t sure if YoungBoy and Yaya were in a good relationship after it looked like he wasn’t present at her baby shower and it’s unclear if it’s when KJ was born, but parenting is one of the things NBA YoungBoy has expressed her pride in, So it is not surprising that he will spend time with his son.

Yaya welcomed their baby in January. KJ is her first child and allegedly her eighth child.

YoungBoy has been in an open relationship with girlfriend Jazlyn Mychelle. The couple, who had previously dated, have been rocking for a few months but their relationship status is also unclear after YoungBoy recently pictured himself with one of his other mothers’ children, Drea Symone.

Yaya seems to be still cute also on YoungBoy after she shared her story on Instagram that she still wants to get married and even went to great lengths for her son’s father in a recent video where she shouted at her friend to stop Lil Durk and Pooh Shiesty song YoungBoy is allegedly sympathetic to the rapper.

NBA YoungBoy infamously referred to Yaya as “his wife” in a viral video he took just hours after she was released from prison on bail due to Allegedly, he stabbed another young woman It was last spring.

Yaya is due to return to court in May on the issue. will keep you posted.

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