Rachel Lindsay on Chris Harrison’s apology for “GMA”: “We need to move on”


Ready to change. Rachel Lindsay She revealed what I thought Chris Harrison‘s Good morning America Apology Thursday, March 4, after many months Unmarried Controversy.

Lindsay, 35, said, “I accept my apologies.” Extra Billy Bush Thursday. “And I think it’s important for me to say that because I haven’t really talked about, you know, about Chris and the statement because I’m not trying to make this Chris versus Rachel.”

The former bachelorette indicated that this isn’t the first time Harrison, 49, has apologized to her after defending season 25. Unmarried The contestant Rachel Kirkconnell Last month Amid allegations about the behavior of the first contestant in the past charged with racism.

“We need to move forward,” said the student participating in the “Bachelor in Happy Hour” program, admitting Harrison’s willingness to say he’s sorry many times. “And for me, for us to move forward, I need to accept an apology, so that we can all be better than this situation, which is what we want.”

Host of nation bachelor Confessed to be a “imperfect man” Who “made a mistake and I own it” during his work GMA Emerging early in the day.

Rachel Lindsay responds to GMA's Chris Harrison apology
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“I think this mistake does not reflect who I am or what I am advocating for. I am committed to progressIt’s not just for me, it’s for the privilege, Harrison said. “This is a privilege that has been a part of my life for 20 years and I love it.”

He also spoke in his defense of Kirkconnell, 24, during his debut Interview with Lindsay on February 9th, After a graphic designer made headlines earlier this year for attending a farm themed event in 2018 and “liking” photos with Confederate flags in the background.

“I feel sad and shocked How insensitive I was in that interview with Rachel Lindsay. Harrison said Thursday, “I can’t believe I didn’t speak out against the pre-war parties, what they stand for.” “I stand against all forms of racism, and I deeply regret Rachel Lindsay and the black community.”

Harrison, from It temporarily retreated from the franchise In February, then she talked about social media Lindsay faced bullying As a result of his interview, asking fans to stop “throwing hate” towards her.

When she spoke with Bush, 49, on Thursday, Lindsay revealed that she “did not expect” Harrison to deal with the harassment she suffered over the past month, This deactivated her Instagram account. She said, “The fact that he dealt with the harassment and hate I received, I really appreciate it.”

Lindsay also talked about what the bachelor nation has to do to heal and start over after the controversy, saying, “In 2020, everything people perceived was things that weren’t there before. It was a level of consciousness that was created and people didn’t necessarily realize it.”

The Ghost: Love went missing Host He continued: “And out of that also the conversations that we have to have, whether harsh or uncomfortable, no matter what. Isn’t that how this should be as well?”

The former attorney noted the racism issues that came to light in her conversation with Harrison “Bigger” than ABC’s dating program.

“I think it’s important that we continue the conversation, that we keep moving forward. And I think that’s the best thing that we can hope for from all of this.

For his part, Harrison announced on Thursday that he plans to “I will return and I want to go backAs host of BSC“I think this franchise can be an important beacon of change. There is a lot of work to be done. I am excited to be a part of this change,” he said.

the previous Who Wants To Be A Millionaire The host previously apologized to fans and Lindsay in two separate Instagram posts in February.

Kirkconnell He also publicly apologized twice, I write on Instagram, “I was ignorant, but my ignorance was racist.” She also admitted that “at some point, I did not realize the aggressiveness and racism of my actions.”

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