No more harp! Grace VanderWaal is reintroducing itself with a new single


new era! Grace VanderWaal ready to Reintroduce itself With her latest single, “Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know.”

The 17-year-old singer-songwriter released the racy alternative pop song and accompanying music video at midnight Friday, March 5, via Columbia Records.

“It’s about someone who is facing the truth about Hollywood, going through this process and realizing that they are very in-depth,” VanderWaal said in a statement. “It feels really good to express yourself freely. It is very empowering and healing.”

In the retro-inspired video, the American Talents Season 11 winner She swaps her signature ukulele for a bass guitar and shows off her freshly shaved head, which made it a hit recently on TikTok.

Grace VanderWaal is reintroducing herself with a single new look
Grace VanderWaal. Claire Gillen / Columbia Records

She said, “I’m very smart, and I usually know the things that will get people talking or grabbing attention, but that I wasn’t expecting it at all,” she said. nylon In an interview published on Thursday, March 4, “I realized the world is a lot more sexist than I thought. People jump to crazy conclusions of a woman with short hair, like”[she’s having a] Mental breakdown or drugs. What does that say about us? ”

However, the comment of the trolls on social media is “exhilarating”, VanderWaal, who told the magazine, “Recently, I don’t know what’s going on in my mind or what happened to me, but all of a sudden, I like to make people uncomfortable, and I want people to ask themselves why.” They don’t feel comfortable with what I’m doing.I think that’s why I really like punk music; they do things that make people uncomfortable. I want this whole project to be just a totally unapologetic self-expression. If you’re uncomfortable, I’m cheating on you. This is your own business of work. From which “.

In addition to having more music in the works, the young star is preparing to star in the upcoming sequel to her first movie, Star Girl, Which premiered on Disney + in 2020.

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