Matthew Knowles says the comparison between Chloe Bailey and Beyoncé is “insulting” – the Shadow Room


If we know something for sure about Matthew Knowles. He will go up for his daughter every time! Despite the rocky history of their relationship, Matthew has always been and always will be Beyoncé, and when the last chance came, he didn’t hold back.

In a recent interview with Leah Henry, A conversation arose about Chloe X Halle, Beyoncé’s artists. Leah referred to previous comments about Chloe Bailey’s talent, as fans compared her to young Beck and said Matthew AHT, AHT! That’s not it!

“Someone foolish enough to compare her to Beyoncé’s wise talent?Matthew asked. ”Are you telling me that someone is foolish enough to compare her to Beyoncé’s wise talents? Is there anyone who says her talent is equal to Beyoncé? They are stupid, period. ”

He even went on to say the comparison is offensive to Beck, despite her choice of Chloe and Haley for their unique vocals, psychedelic voice, and creative production skills.

This is actually an insult to BeyoncéHe continued. “If you wanna call some Barbara Streisand or some people like that, like come on, man. really?”

Several Chloe fans recently took to Twitter to express that Chloe might be the closest thing we’ll ever get to another Queen Bey!

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