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It seems that Young MA has found herself in a little trouble lately, but she has since been released.

Few details are available at the moment about her arrest. However, it was revealed that she was arrested for reckless driving in Atlanta. She hasn’t said verbally about the arrest yet. However, she did share a picture of herself vomiting her middle finger shortly after the news began to spread.

to me XXLShe was released after two hours in custody and did not have to pay bail.

This isn’t the first time Young MA has reached out to law enforcement this year. If you all remember, you actually helped a fan out in June after the police stopped them.

She got stuck next to a fan after the police stopped her after the fan came to talk to her. After the intervention, I was able to help the fan get off with a warning. Young MA spoke about the situation and said, “She’s never going to do that to my fans. So we stood in front of these muthf * ckas.”

She continued saying, “And they gave her a warning after about 15/20 minutes, but we had to stay there and stand in front of them and tell them,” We’re not leaving until you let her go with a warning. “

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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