Southside responds after surfaces video of him kissing a woman


Southside hip-hop producer was living in Atlanta last night! He is seen kissing a mysterious woman in what appeared to be a strip club. While he is currently single, several of his roommates feel that he may still be related to his ex-girlfriend, MiamiWho is half of the rap duo, City Girls. The two share a daughter, one-year-old Summer Miami.

Shortly after uploading the video, Southside wasted no time commenting on Yung Miami ‘Instagram picture. She was looking super cute at JT’s birthday party, and Southside wanted everyone to know. Leave a comment “Caresha fine fine” on the post.

Several roommates felt it was gratuitous after he was cursing another woman. One commented, “Greetings to Young Miami she is single.” Another said, “It’s okay, fine without you.”

If you remember, the ex-couple broke up soon in December 2018 before they got together again a week later. In September, Yung Miami posted a video of her Instagram We toast with others, saying, “Here’s to Yung Miami being single.”

JT, the other half of the City Girls, take it back! The rumors were confirmed on Twitter. JT tweeted, “My sister is single, so we’re out! This is about to be Hell week.” The ex-couple weren’t spotted together recently but got together at their first summer birthday party in October.

Southside did not feel a backlash and posted and deleted his story on Instagram. He said, “You’ll act like I can’t live my life. What is f ** k.”

Yung Miami hasn’t responded to the video showing him kissing the woman, but she posted on her Instagram a meme that says, “I’m not a hot girl or a town girl. I’m crying baby !! nee ** I miss you. Come and take me.” .

Who knows what the future holds for Miami and South Side, but we’ll watch.

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