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TSR Updatez: You know what they’re saying, roommates, “It’s cheaper to keep it.” Looks like Dr. Dre might figure this out the hard way. In what turns out to be a very ugly divorce case, with the most famous and famous of Dr.Dre and his estranged wife, Nicole Young. One raises each other, Dre reportedly wants this thing to end now because this divorce bleeds his pockets, according to Explosion.

Dre’s attorney, Laura Wasser, was in court Thursday for a trial preparation conference to determine how far the parties have progressed in the case and whether a trial date can be set for the entire prenuptial agreement disaster. Remember, Nicole Young said their pre-contract was null and void because Dre tore it up as an act of love, a claim Dre has repeatedly denied.

The longer these two wait to go to trial, the more money is costing Dre as he paid just over $ 750,000 for his previous attorneys’ fees and she owes her attorney over $ 1 million!

Dre collected his attorneys’ fees amounting to approximately $ 300,000. Plast reported that Dre was informed on numerous occasions that he had proposed a settlement conference and would present all costs to achieve this.

In other words, as Keyshia Cole sang, “I just want it to be over!”

Dre also suggested that the matter be resolved on more generous terms than the prenuptial agreement initially stipulated. Dre reportedly wants his 20-year-old wife to feel comfortable.

The longer they disagree over certain conditions for their divorce, the more money they have to spend. The important thing is that both of them must agree to the settlement.

Nicole is asking the court to give her $ 2 million a month in temporary support, and Dre opposes that amount.

This case alone could cost millions of dollars to litigate, Chile.

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