A mother who visited London at Da Trac Children’s Colleges had not seen her son in two months – a shade room


On Saturday, babies Erica Furters – one of the mothers in London On Da Track – took to Instagram and expressed that she could not see her son.

While people were asking her questions on the social media platform, one of the users asked her, “What happened to your son?” Erica replied, “It’s basically hiding somewhere where I can’t be found by people that I can’t reach and they’re always on the Internet in general.”

Erica went on to say, “It’s annoying to have to respond to the ig bcus, as your appointments keep being postponed and TOP switches all communications.”

Erica also stated, “I haven’t spoken to my son in nearly two weeks, I call him every day. I haven’t seen him since the start of last month.”

If you remember, Erica and London are in the midst of a custody battle. The producer seeks full permanent incubation for his 4-year-old son, in April. According to Buseb, he stated that it is “Psycho” and possibly taking drugs. ”

A judge granted London temporary custody of their son.

Ebony, the mother of his daughter, also moved to the social media platform and claimed that people were trying to “silence her” and hinted at trying to get her to sign a non-disclosure agreement. She also talked about the way his and her baby might look, indicating that a child may have a “big head” like other children.

As mentioned earlier, Summer Walker She took to IG and showed her baby bump, after many suspected the two were expecting their first child together.

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