NFL picks, predictions against spread Week 8: Seahawks clip 49ers; Eagles, bills bury cowboys, Patriots


Week 7 was a strong week of picks and predictions against the difference. But Week 8 brings some tighter matches in one of the overall best gaming packages of the 2020 season.

There are seven matches to come in the division, including a few. There’s also this year’s biggest spread on the list.

Here’s a dive into our latest bold prediction for pigskin speculations. The odds are courtesy of the Las Vegas sports betting consensus.

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Picks NFL against the spread for Week 8

  • NFC Game of the Week: 49ers in Seahawks (-3, 54 o / u)

Sunday, 4:25 PM ET, Fox

The 49 players found their attack groove once again with Jimmy Garoppolo. The Seahawks keep rolling over with Russell Wilson, but their defensive problems finally catch on them. San Francisco will be broadly falling behind with receiver Deebo Samuel once again, while Chris Carson is slated to be out of the Seattle squad. It’s easier to trust Wilson to put on more big plays and ditch the blockbuster at home versus Jimmy J on the road. Containing burst attacks, Wilson runs the most dangerous overall passing game.

Picking: Seahawks wins 34-27 and covers the spread.

  • Midweek game: Falcons at Panthers (-2.5, 49 o / u)

Thursday, 8:20 PM ET, Fox, NFL Network and Amazon Prime Video

The Falcons lost their first home game when Matt Ryan struggled without Julio Jones. They have to be effective in running the ball with Todd Gurley and Jones creating stiff coverage for the Panthers, even with a powerful pass rush led by Brian Burns. The Panthers would still likely be without Christian McCaffrey, the needed distinction maker. Jones and Calvin Ridley still have a bigger night than Panthers counterparts Robbie Anderson and DJ Moore as a shootout develops between Ryan and Teddy Bridgewater.

Picking: Hawk won 31-27.

  • Game of the Week in Asia: Steelers in Ravens (-3, 46.5 ° U)

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS

The Crows take advantage of a goodbye to prepare for the Best Steelers (6-0). They have to fix some things aggressively in terms of engaging more Lamar Jackson receivers and simplifying the traditional running game. Ravens will have some big plays from Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews is the cover of a stiff red zone for Stellarians as running Jackson neutralizes the Steelers’ passing rush a bit. Ravens’ strong defensive back will contain what Ben Roethlisberger can do to strike back after slowing down the running game.

Picking: Crows win 24-20 and cover the difference.

  • Week lock: heads (-19.5, 49 ° U / U) above the planes

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS

The aircraft carried bills for all field targets to cover the 11-point difference. This never again happens against Chiefs’ attack in Le’Veon Bell’s ultimate revenge game. Patrick Mahomes and his guns will be pouring them early and getting a lot of help from more defense-producing sacks and junk food. Then the game will turn into a lot of Bell and Clyde Edwards-Helaired to keep controlling the ball and scoring. The Jets will return to being shredded by Super Bowl favorites because the best doesn’t hold back against the worst.

Picking: The heads won 10-44 and cover the spread.

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  • Weekly Disturbance: Supra Brown Raiders (-2.5, 54.5 ° / u)

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, Fox

Raiders are grouped more in terms of team identity and overall, Derek Carr plays better than Baker Mayfield in similar crimes as the pass is set up with success in the running game. Las Vegas defense contains a lot of loopholes, while Cleveland is backed by Miles Garrett and more. Jon Gruden will come with a better game plan overall and Browns can’t slow down Carr’s managers, Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller. The Browns’ limited receiving bob gives raiders the little break they need.

Picking: Raiders win 30-27.

  • Rams (-3.5, 49 ° / u) in dolphins

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, Fox

The Rams have to make a long road trip in a short week, but history with Sean McVay says they are excellent at handling these types of situations. They have fallen into Buffalo but rallied well and take over business in Washington and Philadelphia. Here, Miami picks rookie Tua Tagovailoa at Aaron Donald and Galen Ramsey behind a shaky offensive line. The Dolphins’ defense has been much better and more active lately, but is still weak against heavy sprinting attacks and is weak on the inside against narrow and slit ends.

Picking: The Rams win 27-20 and cover the gap.

  • Vikings in the Packers (-6.5, 54.5 o / u)

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, Fox

The Packers set the tone for their follow-up season as NFC Champions North by tearing up the Vikings in Week 1, held at 43-34. Green Bay was having a whirlwind against Tampa Bay, but he quickly eliminated it in Houston. Back home in Lambo, the Packers must feel confident in the sweep, even with Aaron Jones injured and Minnesota returning from farewell with Dalvin Cook is likely healthy. Put simply, Aaron Rodgers is a lot more straightforward and cleaner than Kirk Cousins ​​in these types of penalty shootout matches.

Picking: The bundles win 31-27 but fail to cover the gap.

  • Colts (-2.5, 50.5 o / u) at lions

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS

Don’t look now, but Detroit won two games in a row after saying goodbye and the defense started to make some impact under Matt Patricia. Black is discovering more things aggressively about Matthew Stafford too using TJ Hockenson and D’Andre Swift the right ways. Colts goes off a farewell more confident in Philip Rivers, but although Jonathan Taylor can run to the big things in big hike country, it’s hard to trust Rivers on the road even in a contained environment in Ford Field Stafford plays well in a tough spot Lions reach a staggering above 0.500 while the colts decline further to average. Matt Prater knocks out the winner this time.

Picking: Black wins 23-20.

  • Titans (-5.5, 54.5 o / u) in Bengals

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS

The titans must return to running the ball at a high level to facilitate Ryan Tannehill’s powerful passing game. Tannhill and Joe Burrow will share a high-pitched case, but Tennessee will stop further with bags and junk food. Cincinnati will sell to turn off Derek Henry and expose the giants’ narrow ends and fast receivers. Burrow has ample opportunities to work on Titans High to keep his team in it with a late run, but the Bengals are holding back a bit on the comeback.

Picking: The Titans win 27-24 but fail to cover the lead.

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  • Patriots at Bells (-3.5, 44 ° U)

Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS

The 5-2 cards weren’t pretty against the Jets but they managed to overcome the hard losses of the Titans and the Chiefs, and may well advance their traditional running game with rookie Zack Moss. Seems like this is a 2-4 chance for the Patriots to get back into the division race and they can’t lose four matches in a bad way, right? But there is a huge quarterback advantage to Josh Allen over Cam Newton and New England cannot win this match simply with a heavy-duty defensive approach.

Picking: The bills win 24-17 and cover the spread.

  • Chargers (-3, 45 ° / U) in the Bronco

Sunday, 4:05 PM ET, CBS

Charger got an attack jolt from Justin Herbert and will go on to light up exaggerated defense with his large arm and legs. He spreads the ball like an ancient warrior and tends to run around when needed. Meanwhile, Drew Locke is quickly proving that it’s not the answer for the Broncos and he’s not using their guns well with the former Melvin Gordon Charger who is doing well but not at an elite level.

Picking: Chargers win 24-13 and cover the difference.

  • Saints (-3, 47 Q / u) in Beers

Sunday, 4:25 PM ET, Fox

This is not a good match for Chicago because the Saints are not counting on the pass with Drew Press in the open air and will attack the double bears in the running defense further. The struggling High Schooler gets a breather with the bears having only one wide receiver. The bears would struggle to run the ball against the Saints’ powerful front, putting Nick Falls into more uncomfortable positions than the Brees.

Picking: Saints win 23-17 and cover the spread.

  • Cowboys in Eagles (-7.5, 43.5 ° C / u)

Sunday, 8:20 PM ET, NBC

Eagles nourish Carson Wentz’s relentless energy. His mental and physical toughness has brought them back from a difficult start based on the injuries around him. The cowboy showed a little life after the fall of Dak Prescott and even less when Andy Dalton did. There is a big split under Mike McCarthy’s leadership. Eagles can smell a chance to escape with a weak split versus sweating through December. There is a good chance that seventh-placed Ben Dinucci will start, and perhaps offer some spark down the road. But eagles who are well rested should tear them off from both sides of the ball.

Picking: The Eagles wins 27-14 and covers the gap.

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  • Pirates (-10.5, 46.5 ° / u) in Giants

Monday, 8:15 PM ET, ESPN

The Bucs roll with big wins over the Packers and the Raiders. Tom Brady has his attack running on all cylinders and he is now deeper than ever in runners and wide receiver corps. Bad defense against sprinting and dash of passes attack one-dimensional opponents. There’s no reason to believe the Buc wouldn’t dominate a defense with limited playmakers and dread Daniel Jones in catch-up mode against Brady.

Picking: The pirates win 34-17 and cover the spread.

Statistics for the week

The seventh week in a row: 3-11

Week 7 versus spread: 9-5

Season in a row: 70-34

Season against difference: 67-38

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