An Atlanta couple accused Buckhead Sushi of racial discrimination – Shadow Room


Umi Sushi in the Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead was summoned due to alleged racial discrimination by a black couple who were taken out of the restaurant for a dress code violation.

The couple said it’s one thing if a dress code violation is all that it is, but for them, it has become pretty clear that the “dress code” rules apply to them and not to others. Kaylan Colbert said they turned down the service because her husband was rocking some Nike Air Force Ones but once they indicated that a white woman in the bar was wearing Adidas, then they felt they were being targeted because of their race.

Instead of celebrating a birthday, the couple got into a full exchange with the restaurant’s staff and owner, according to her Fox 5 Atlanta. The incident was videotaped by the man’s wife, Kilan Colbert.

“I’ve been there a few times. It’s likely been about four times the COVID situation and we’ve spent a lot of money there in the past, so it should be like that.” It’s like a high-end restaurant, “Kellan told Fox5.

Kaylan recorded when her husband asked the manager why a woman was introduced to the bar even though she, too, wore sneakers.

“If you have rules, they should apply to everyone, not just some people,” she said.

The FOX 5 spoke to the owner over the phone who keeps the dress code posted inside the restaurant and on the website. He says he regrets the way the situation was handled.

“This was 100% an operational error on our part,” said Farshid Arsheed, owner of Umi Sushi. “When they were upset, we had to investigate it.”

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