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Iggy Azalea dropped out of the network early this year after wildfire rumors spread that she was pregnant with her first child! Just a few months later, she pressed “gram” to reveal that she had a baby, and she had just announced to her fans that she would be raising her baby on her own.

Iggy first hit “gram” with some vague messages about loyalty and losing the “real” thing in your life, but she just confirmed she was no longer in a relationship with Playboi Carti.

“What I meant last night was I’m raising my son alone, I’m not in a relationship,” she asserts.

Iggy revealed that she had a baby in June and has said that she plans to keep his life somewhat private.

“I have a son,” she wrote on Instagram. “I kept waiting for the right time to say something, but it seems like the more time passes the more I realize that I will always feel anxious to share the news of this giant with the world.”

Iggy and Carrie’s relationship has enjoyed its share of ups and downs, with Iggy posting that she was single on social media in December. However, the two reconciled soon after.

Carty has yet to comment on the situation.

We wish Iggy the best on this maternity journey!

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