Busta Rhymes continues to summon T.I. for refusing to fight in Verzuz – Shadow Chamber


Roommates, with the announcement of Verzuz Season 2 approaching, many fans were dreaming about their perfect matches – and this included Busta Rhymes TI calls to go face to face. However, after T.I. refused to fight Busta because he did not think they were of the same era, Busta continued to call him comically.

in a A series of videos Posted on his Instagram, Busta Rhymes told T.I. that although he may have turned down his request to fight the Battle of Versus, he’s definitely not immune to roasting and mockery.

Busta was saying this to T.I.:

“You are a king, I am a god. You look like a king and turn your mouth more than you look like the king of the South. I have never asked to do turquoise with you brother. I interviewed Fat Joe for the big show and we had a jopra moment. I know you love me. I love you and you.” You know I love you you are my brother The way we can joke and have fun this way is that we are brothers. But regardless of the jokes, I don’t play when it comes to competing with respect. I will lose you **, real. I will lose you ** anytime and whenever you want I have been asked, as a supervisor in New York, if I have had the opportunity to take you in Verzuz, and of course I will gently accept it with open arms and welcome it in the hottest fashion I am supposed to. ”

He continued, “Focus on your brother in the battle of Jeezy. Because if you take the letter L, do you think we’re having fun now? I’ll lose you that you are a ** playboy, you have what you need to do to prepare for it.”

In case you missed, T.I. and Jeezy are confirmed to be the next two to face off at Verzuz’s Battle next month.

Busta Rhymes


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