Yaya Mayweather chimes in discussing Birkin’s bag once again … “When you talk Perkins, you speak Ayana Mayweather” – Shadow Room


Roomies, all day long, Al Gore had a deep discussion about Birkin bagsTheSaweetie suite comments last night. Saweetie stated on IG Live, “If he’s not getting Birkin, if he doesn’t pay your bills, throw that number***Back to the streets, oh kai! “

Welp, Yaya Mayweather talked about it again, telling gworlz that she would save them, but if they wanted to argue, she was frustrated.

She mentioned in her IG story,
I really want to comment on this “Birkin topic” in full, but I’ll be sitting out of it because I don’t want you all to be mad. Just know when you talk to Perkins that you are talking about Iana Mayweather, and if you feel otherwise, let’s have an argument. “

If you remember, I also made another comment regarding Birkin bags, when Lil ‘Baby Jaida gifted one.

Yaya also said,

Wait a minute … this is out of control. I started seeing a lot of people in this app with Birkins likeYou are “Only some regular bags you can buy,” said Floyd Mayweather’s daughter.

She added, “Some Perkins gotta be fake and not saying everyone is fake. I’m not trying to be funny, but let’s just make things crystal clear.”

Yaya continued to say how not the Hermes bag is so easy to access and so exclusive, she finished telling us her father, Floyd Mayweather, is going overboard to buy it.

Recently, Yaya Mayweather bought an NBA YoungBoy ice bracelet. The two are thought to be expecting a baby together, after Yaya’s TikTok video came out, which showed that she was very pregnant.

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