The Gulf region receives a warning with a red flag – 100 mph winds can fuel the fires


Happy Friday from sunny Palm Springs, as it’s just getting chilly. I’m Winston Jezeki, editor of The Desert Sun’s philanthropy and special divisions, and here’s what’s going on in California.

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The Gulf region receives a red flag warning starting Sunday

A Marin County firefighter helps build containment lines during a glass fire in Saint Helena, California on September 27, 2020.

Red Flag warnings have been issued for the entire Gulf region Starting on Sunday, when the season’s strongest offshore winds can spark new forest fires and cause widespread damage, San Francisco Chronicle Reports.

As a result, Pacific Gas and Electricity is planning more forced blackouts to reduce the risk of fires from wind-damaged power lines. “It wouldn’t take much to start a fire,” said David King, a meteorologist at NWS.

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