Ayesha Carey confirms that she ditches her blonde hair after backlash on the Internet – “It was fun while it was on” – Shadow Room


Roommates, earlier this week Aisha Curry He sparked intense controversy on social media when she debuted a new blonde hairstyle. After the mixed reaction, Ayesha just confirmed she will officially say goodbye to her platinum locks and return to the darker shade.

Days after Aisha Curry She surprised her fans With a new blonde hairstyle, I decided to ditch it … for now. In her Instagram post, Aisha wrote the following message:

“The blonde was so much fun! I need to scrub my scalp a little, are you feeling me? I wish I could actually dye my hair with this shade but I know it will require a lot of maintenance. Who can relate?”

Aisha Curry


As mentioned earlier, something that seemed simple and innocuous quickly turned into a discussion on social media that lasted for hours. While Aisha has definitely got her fair share of supporters, they are overwhelmed by internet trolls who claim she cannot be recognized and are trying to look like “Karen”.

She responded to the criticism with a message on Twitter:

“It’s a fun wig to switch on and a very popular IG filter that we all use from time to time for me … I just … are going to take these things seriously.”

Backlash aside, Steve Curry liked his wife’s new look and wrote a nice letter to let everyone know.

“You’re a pretty kid. Don’t you let anyone tell you differently, well? I mean that. There’s just a bunch of sordid out there and I don’t like it. I don’t like it a little bit. Are you a boo boo. Note: If the wig falls off, I won’t tell No one, I promise. Pinky promise. It’ll be funny, but no one will know. Wait – I’ve been in this bed the whole time ??? I don’t even know. Now I’m stumbling.

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