Tory Linz applauds after Troll criticized him online for partying at a strip club – “I don’t know you live inside me” – Shadow Room


Roommates, Tory Linz He might be in the middle of one of hip-hop’s most controversial moments, after his alleged release of Megan The Stallion – but that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to live his life. When footage of him partying at a strip club was posted recently, a troll commented online that Tory was standing in front … and he clapped back in a big way.

After his first appearance in court yet fraught In filming Megan Thee Stallion, Tory Lanez decided to let go of some power and hit the strip club. In the footage that made her way across social media, Tori is seen raining an endless amount of photos, as he lit up with his friends.

One commentator wrote below the video of his tumultuous night:

“He wants everyone to think he’s so happy. All the time he’s dying inside.”

The governor clapped and replied, “I don’t know you live inside me.”

As previously reported, Torrie Linz’s attorney has stopped his conviction in the shooting of Megan Thai Stallion, after he appeared recently in court over the phone via his attorney Sean Holly. The judge set the bail at $ 190,000 and agreed to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office protection request, ordering Torey to stay at least 100 yards from Megan Thay Stallion and not to contact her.

The judge agreed to Holly’s request to delay the lawsuit to November 18, and Torey was able to pay the bail with the bonds present at the hearing.

Earlier this month, the DA charged the Conservative Party with three criminal charges including assault with a semi-automatic firearm.

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