The FOX Camera crew also didn’t think the Giants could put on a play


Watch this guy do a play for his soccer team!

Watch this guy do a play for his soccer team!
picture: (Getty Images)

Surprise! Giants … win a football match?

See, anyone who can play Giants deserves to be complimented. Today, that might go down the middle, Daniel Jones.

Big Blue is 0-5, but he headed to the end of the first half this week by three points over the soccer team, thanks to this play by Jones.

QB in his sophomore year cut 49 yards off everyone … including the cameraman.

The Uncontrolled Giants had no playmakers all season. Sprinting back star Sackon Barclay tore the ACL in Week 2. Jones, who also lost W.R. Sterling Shepherd to injury, threw 2 touchdowns and 5 interceptions the week before.

The young team’s reception team was fine … when Jones pulled the ball out, a rare sight in MetLife.

Giants can, of course, squander their advance at any moment. By the time this story is published, I wouldn’t be surprised if Washington came back in the game, picked Jones, or got safe.

All options are on the table.

But for now, this should be fine for Giants fans. For a moment, albeit to 49 yards Scramble, they may have forgotten that they are still in contention to pick the number one draft in 2021. That choice will likely be the midfielder.

But we’ll let the masses of giants have their moment. Anyone on this team who could deliver a play deserves an honorable mention.

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