The Astros finally lost but these cheaters just didn’t get what they deserved


These tremors are done for this year.  Sorry, dusty,

These tremors are done for this year. Sorry, dusty,
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Aledmys Díaz did not deserve to be the last man out of Astros.

Díaz is an absolutely awesome baseball player who made an appearance on the scene as a short all-star player for the Cardinals in his rookie year of 2016, and has since settled into being a useful interest factor, trading in Toronto after the 2017 season and to Houston in November. 2018. He didn’t choose to play for the Astros, and it wasn’t part of their cheats to win the 2017 World Championship, and he was 5-to-11 in this year’s ALCS before he came to the racket in the ninth game of Game 7.

Josh Riddick hit before Diaz appeared. That’s cool! He’s an unrepentant cheater and he could have linked the match if he could tell someone about the next stadium so he could hit his home run.

Had Diaz reached base, the next hitter would be George Springer, and Jose Tuff after him. But no, Diaz made it to the final, so the winning shooter in Game 7 of the series where justice was finally served to these Astros cheaters was … ex-cliffkas cheats Astro Charlie Morton.

The truth is, justice will never be served in Astros 2017. They got away with it, and for the most part, they learned nothing. They complained about the way they were treated and understood, when in reality they were abandoned from having to face a stadium full of fans this year due to the Coronavirus. They’ll still be getting a lot of booing next year, sure, but by then, more players from the cheat tournament will have moved on to other teams, and it’s not as if one player from the 2017 squad has experienced one true result of their actions, or whatever time ago.

At the very least, the universe is getting on well with the losing shooter, Lance McCullers Jr., the son of a Premier League assistant and former selector in the first round, in a team that had the fifth highest paid in the league, which he said on October. 5, Seriously, “We may not have big names, big bank accounts, but we do have guys who enjoy balls. We have a good team.”

Yes, he gave up three runs in 3.2 Inings for Tampa Bay rays.

This was an opportunity to ridicule Georgia, which saw Atlanta lose again to impose Game 7 of the NLCS on Saturday afternoon, and Alabama saw 24 unanswered points score to come back and beat the Bulldogs on Saturday night, and on Sundays they get the seventh game from the NLCS, but only after The Atlanta Falcons football match appeared.

But … the Dodgers are charging $ 75 per car to come to the Dodger Stadium parking lot for “Posteason Drive-In.”

Seventy five dollars.

Seventy five dollars!

Seventy-five dollars.

What do you get for $ 75? You can sit in traffic heading to Dodger Stadium. “You will be directed to the parking lot at a specified location to speed up the download. You will not be.” Able to choose your own parking spot. Also, you can’t leave until it’s over, so everyone will leave at once, and that’s, cool, more traffic. Also, “No food will be available on-site.” And you stay in your car, damn it, because “installing park chairs or portable chairs Blankets or seats outside the car are strictly prohibited. “

Animals, fireworks, lasers, drones, noise emitters, outdoor speakers, alcohol and hemp are also prohibited. There is no WiFi. Dodger Stadium accepts no liability whatsoever for injury or property damage.

However, they’ll gladly accept responsibility for the $ 75 that gives them to sit in your car for three hours, and just get out to go to the bathroom, before getting back on the highway and sitting in your car more to go home you didn’t have to bother leaving in the first place. Enjoy!

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