Patriots vs. Broncos coverage map: Where can NFL fans watch Week 6 match on TV?


If you’re outside the Browns-Steelers coverage area for Week 1, there’s a good chance you’ll see the Patriots-Broncos on CBS.

New England and Denver will benefit from a return of midfielders at the start. Cam Newton dropped out of the COVID-19 / backup list after missing one match for the Patriots. Drew Locke recovered from a shoulder injury to return to training the sixth week before the match in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

For more information on whether the Patriots Broncos will be available to you on your local CBS network at 1 PM ET on October 18, check out the map and information below, along with the full 6 NFL Week schedule.

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NFL Week 6 Coverage Map

The Patriots vs. the Broncos

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The Patriots vs Broncos can be watched at either green Areas in the map above. If you’re out of the green, these are the games you’ll see on CBS Sunday:

red: Brown at Steelers

blue: Crows in eagles

orange: Texas in Titans

Yellow: Airplanes in Dolphins (Late)

What is the Patriots vs Broncos channel?

The Patriots vs Broncos will be broadcasting on CBS in regions across the country, highlighted in green on the map above. Some of the major metropolitan areas that will move New England Denver include Denver, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kansas City, San Diego, and Buffalo.

If you are not sure which of your local channels is CBS, you can find out the specific channel number information for your region It can be found here.

How to Watch NFL Matches On Off-Market TV

If you live outside the desired area on the coverage map above, there are other legal ways to watch NFL matches while you are off the market. One way is to subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket Pack with DirecTV. More Information on this package is here.

In Canada, all NFL games can be watched via DAZN. More information on this signup process here. Viewers can also subscribe to Arcade game NFL, Which has full access to restarting the game shortly after the livestream ends.

Schedule NFL Week 6

Sunday 18 October

Game time Channel
Broncos at the Patriots 1 m CBS, fuboTV
Texas in Titans 1 m CBS, fuboTV
Brown at Steelers 1 m CBS, fuboTV
Crows in eagles 1 m CBS, fuboTV
WFT at giants 1 m Fox fuboTV
Hawks in the Vikings 1 m Fox fuboTV
Lions in a jaguar 1 m Fox fuboTV
Bengals in ponies 1 m Fox fuboTV
Bears in Panthers 1 m Fox fuboTV
Airplanes in Dolphins 4:05 PM CBS, fuboTV
Rams in the 49ers 8:20 p.m. NBC, fuboTV

Monday, October 19

Game time Channel
Heads at Bells 5 m Fox Network / NFL, fuboTV
Cardinals in Cowboys 8:15 p.m. ESPN, fuboTV

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