NASCAR in Canas Live Race Updates, Results, Highlights from Hollywood Casino 400


Kevin Harvik and Denny Hamlin were the drivers who won the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series Qualifiers, putting the remaining quarter-finalists in the race to climb to the other two lead positions.

Harvick and Hamlin just need a solid performance Sunday in Kansas at the Hollywood Casino 400 to make their place in the championship almost certain. Brad Kisilowski and Chase Elliott are third and fourth in the race, but they have little room to maneuver against Joey Lugano and Martin Trux Jr.

Here is the point order that enters Kansas:

POS. Driver The distance from the cut
1 Kevin Harvik +45
2 Denny Hamlin +32
3 Brad Kisilovsky +13
4 Chase Elliott +5
cut cut cut
5 Joy Lugano -5
6 Martin Trux Jr. -10
7 Alex Bowman -18
8 Curt Bush -21

Sporting News tracks live updates and highlights from the NASCAR race on Sunday in Kansas. Follow below to get the full results from Hollywood Casino 400.

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NASCAR in Kansas live updates, highlights from Hollywood Casino 400

3:43 PM: You can hear Elliott clearly now.

3:39 PM: Chase Elliott is his tech support.

3:35 pm: Elliott wins the first stage with Kisilovsky on his tail.

3:33 PM: Harvick returns to fifth place.

3:28 PM: Elliott takes the lead.

3:24 PM: Elliott has had communication problems.

3:20 PM: Kurt Bush is the 23rd lowest-run Qualifiers driver.

3:11 PM: Harvick takes the lead with 47 laps left in Stage 1.

2:59 pm: Elliott, who started off pole position, maintained his lead with 20 laps.

2:51 PM: We live in Kansas! Welcome to the Round of 8.

2:47 pm: NASCAR has Clint Boyer doing a salute ride behind the speed car. He will retire after this year, and KS is his main course. Nice touch.

2:39 pm: The motors are running.

2:30 p.m.: Pre-race activities are underway. The national anthem is in the books and the engines will soon start.

NASCAR race start time today

Round 8 of the NASCAR cancellation race should begin in Kansas on Sunday at around 2:30 PM ET. Rain is possible but considered unlikely to compete.

The race is 267 laps divided into three stages and the race will be official after the 134th lap. The race is 400 miles.

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