Kelly Dodd criticizes her ex-husband Michael for her daughter and praises Rick Leventhal


Benedict with an edge. Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd She refused her ex-husband, Michael DoddOf their daughter Julie, calling him a “fatal blow” in an Instagram video.

In a post that has since been deleted, the Bravo star, 45, appears talking to 14-year-old Julie and one of her friends.

Kelly Dodd criticizes her ex-husband Michael Dowd for her daughter and praises her new husband, Rick Leventhal
Kelly Dodd and Michael Dodd. Charles Sykes / Bravo; Milla Cochran / Starrax

“Julie, aren’t you happy to have a real father like Rick Leventhal Instead of your father Michael, whom you have not seen in – How long have you seen your father? “

“Like five months,” Julie replied as she raised her hand on her face as she sat at a desk.

Kelly added, “Yes, Julie’s father is not there, Mitchell Dodd.”

Real Housewives of Orange County shares star Kelly Dodd details of Rick Leventhal's 'private' wedding
Rick Leventhal and Kelly Dodd. Courtesy of Rick Leventhal / Instagram

“Holy, what kind of person would do this to their children?” A fan commented on it Tweet from the video.

Another wrote, “Fathers like these are sad.” “The children hurt !!!!!”

Another noted, “You can see her daughter clearly embarrassed.”

The video came less than a week later Kelly married LeventhalShe turns 60 in Napa, California, on October 10, as Jolie was working as her maid of honor.

Later Fox News contributor He shared a picture of his new wife and daughter Along with his two older daughters, Veronica and Shoshana, in the caption, “Our lovely new nuclear family!”

Kelly and Michael Split in September 2017 After 11 years of marriage and they divorced the following year. In November 2019, she spoke exclusively to Us weekly The day after her engagement to Leventhal W. She said her ex-husband was “not happy” About her upcoming weddings.

“It’s very controversial now,” she said. “He’s feeling bad,” we. “He knows who [Rick] is being. And he’s very mean about it. He calls him Gonzo. And then he’ll send me pictures of him, he’s just mean. He is not happy for me. “

“He wants to come after me. He said, ‘I’m going to shame you,’” she claimed. “I’m like,“ Okay, go head up, shame me. ”He really is! Everything is there. There is nothing you can say or do that has not been revealed. “

In July 2014, it was Kelly Hit by restraining order After being accused of domestic violence against Michael. The order was finalized the following year and the case was dismissed after attending 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and six months of treatment.

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