Kaylene Lowry claims ex-Chris Lopez “humiliated” her, and demanded a paternity test


trustless? Kaylene Lowry She claimed that she was “humiliated” after her ex-husband Chris Lopez They demanded a paternity test for one of their children.

The Teen Mom 2 The star, 28, made the claim in her final episode “Baby Mamas No Drama” A podcast, in which she described the traumatic experience.

“I had to take a DNA test against my wishes,” Laurie told the co-host. In Torres. “I knew who the father was, but he didn’t believe it.”

'Teen Mom 2' star Kailyn Lowry claims ex Chris Lopez 'humiliated her' by claiming a paternity test
Kaylene Lowry and Chris Lopez. Mega. Courtesy of Chris Lopez / Instagram

She added, “I knew who I slept I did not question any of my children’s parents. “

Laurie shares his son Isaac, 10, with an ex-boyfriend Rivera JoeI’m Lincoln, 6 years old, with her ex-husband Jaffe MarroquinAnd two sons Lux 3 and Two-month-old Creed with Lopez. The Pennsylvania native later confirmed that Rivera, 28, and Marroquin, 27, had not asked her for a paternity test.

The reality star recalled that she went to the audition facility where the nurse made some assumptions about her personal life.

“I go to where the DNA is [the nurse giving the test] He said, “So, you don’t know who the father is?” Laurie said. “When I tell you the humiliation I felt. I knew who my father was, and I never asked about him. That was not a question on my mind. Yes, I know there are women who lie [about their kid’s father]. I know women who lied. I know this is there, but this was not me. I’m not that kind of person. “

Lori has made it clear that she will not lie about the paternity of her children due to her famous background.

“In the public eye, why put myself in a situation where I don’t know who the dreaded father is?” She said. “Wow. I was embarrassed, this is not okay. Do not humiliate me for no reason. I know who the father is. I did not believe [the nurse] He said that. Tears were streaming down my face, I felt so humiliated. “

The Hustle and Heart The author opened up Us weekly In February about her complicated relationship with Lopez, claiming he is “I admit that I got pregnant on purpose.” That played a factor On her thinking about miscarriage.

The duo feuded on social media in September After Lopez cut Luxe’s ​​long hair Without her consent.

“I’m just in a place where it’s okay, you can go with me however you want,” Laurie said in a live video on Instagram at the time. “You can smother me, you can put your hands on me, you can burn my book on social media, you can fool me. Do whatever you want, right? But the second time you do something for my child, I’m going out of character because you are using the child as a tool for manipulation.”

Lopez responded in his Instagram live video saying, “I wanted to have my son’s hair cut, so the fact that I cut a few of his edges off, you must be glad I didn’t do his ass scalp, okay? [on] Some real photos. This is my son, so if I decide to decide on my son or anyone else, I can. “

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