Yale Hockey follows strict protocols and still sees 18/19 players test positive for COVID-19


Yale celebrates the goal at the 2013 NCAA Tourney.

Yale celebrates the goal at the 2013 NCAA Tourney.
picture: (Getty Images)

a The COVID-19 outbreak began at Yale University early in the week as six hockey players tested positive for the virus, prompting the school to Back from the second stage From its virus protocol to stage 0.

As reported by the Yale Daily News, the Phase 2 restrictions were tighter than what we see in a lot of college sports and in much of America now. The rules included no more than two hours per day of “specific sporting activity and / or weight and conditioning training”, social distancing during all activities, and a maximum of 10 people for any personal activities.

Yale was taking a cautious approach, in Connecticut’s canceled fall sports league, which Until this week He was doing well in controlling the epidemic. New Haven County in particular had a lower prevalence of the virus, with 96 cases – 5.3 per 100,000 residents – reported between September 27 and October 10, according to Country data.

And now almost the entire Yale hockey team – 18 players “Of the nineteen team members currently enrolled and who live in New Haven” – the tests tested positive.

The entire university has now gone from green to yellow in its Coronavirus protocols, as the country is considering tightening its own restrictions, due to an outbreak that came from a sports program where policies were in place and states are being followed, in a place where the risks seemed low.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of fans at baseball matches in Texas, watching parties for those games in Georgia, college football being played with varying amounts of attendance across the country, and the NFL swinging and setting their schedule as it is while the players test results. Positive on an almost daily basis. Oh, and the president continues to organize superstar rallies.

The fact that even in places where progress on COVID has occurred, there are signs of another wave of the virus, should be enough to take steps to prevent the uncontrolled and overwhelming spread, now. It is a biological version of “stitch in time saves nine”.

Yale is doing the right thing by pushing back on athletics and escalating protocols at the campus level. Nick Saban coaches Alabama Saturday night in front of thousands of fans at Bryant Denny Stadium. Good luck everyone, you will need it.

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