Watch: A woman wearing an American flag shirt at a rally near the San Francisco Antifa protest


A video filmed at a protest in San Francisco shows a woman wearing a T-shirt with the American flag and a silk screen of George Washington being harassed, assaulted and robbed. After her property was stolen, the mob kept mocking her as she tried to get away.

The video shows a woman trying to walk into the crowd targeting her, apparently because of the shirt she was wearing. As she walked among the crowd, she yelled at her and a siren sounded at her.

Someone tried to jump in front of her and pull out an item from the beams she was carrying. A second man attacked her and confiscated one of her belongings. She fought with several of the attackers before a woman shouted on the loudspeaker, “Stop, stop, stop.”

The woman resumes trying to walk away, but the crowd continues to pursue her and torture her. As the video ends, the woman continues to be followed and harassed by the mob.

The accident occurred when several protests took place across the city. This particular incident happened at about a quarter of a free speech protest at the Twitter headquarters on Market Street.

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