Tanisha Thomas and Natalie Nunn, former stars of Bad Girls’ Club, enter this season during the proposed reunion season – Shadow Room


Whew! The girls quarrel on Saturday morning. If you’re wondering why two former BGC stars shine, well, well, Tanisha Thomas and Natalie Nunn mysteriously talk about the possibility of a full reunion season, like the “All-Star” season, from Oxygen’s infamous “Bad Girls Club”.

But the bad Organo Gold girls clearly didn’t see eye to eye on how to do things. Well, whatever private conversations may have gone public this morning when Tanesha posted a post saying that Natalie told her she’s “a good girl now and she’s not selling it.”

Well, Natalie didn’t seem too fond of Tanesha who airs it because she responded with a lengthy comment and it was from there! In the short and long term, Natalie feels they can spend the reunion season without oxygen and invites Tanisha out several times, claiming that she is acting like “n *** a house.” Swipe up to see the spices back and forth.

It looks like both women may already be moving on to do their own reunion projects. I think we should see how it will turn out. will keep you posted.

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