Dan Mullen, the man who wanted 90,000 fans in the stands, has COVID-19


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First, Florida coach Dan Mullen said that He wanted to see 90,000 people In the Gators’ match against LSU this week, after feeling the tumultuous crowd of Texas A&M gave Agis an edge in annoying back then – no. 4 Florida last Saturday.

After that, there was no Florida-LSU game due to the Coronavirus outbreak on Gators’ roster.

On Saturday, the story reached its expected title “Life Comes To You Fast”: Mullen Has Arrived Contracted COVID-19.

“I continue to isolate myself from my family, who remain all healthy, and follow all guidelines laid down by UF Health, the CDC, and our public health officials,” Mullen wrote in a Notes app statement on Twitter.

A week ago, Mullen didn’t seem to care much about these guidelines while calling for an entire stadium for fans to be created in a situation where the pandemic spreads out of control. It’s amazing how getting a deadly virus changes your perspective on things.

It is clear that it is better late than not, and everyone hopes that Mullen will make a full and speedy recovery from his bout with the Corona virus. We hope his experience will be a beacon for those who continue to downplay the severity of the virus and the importance of taking every precaution to stop its spread.

However, this may seem unlikely when the President of the United States, who was hospitalized with the Coronavirus earlier this month, continues to wander around the country. The marches are not socially distant.

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