TNW2020: 8 Sessions Worth Set Google Calendar Reminders For


Live broadcast this year on the Internet TNW2020 It will give everyone a front-row seat for this year’s biggest tech debates, disruptive business experiences, and impact-driven ideas.

But with two full days of sessions, covering a dozen different topics, you might feel overwhelmed.

Don’t worry, we’ve shortlisted some of the coolest upcoming sessions you shouldn’t miss.

Expanding Your Health / AI Business (1 Oct 11: 30-12 CET)

The experience of the past few months has led the health technology industry to progress at lightning speed. While bureaucracy and budgets have once been barriers to adopting new tech solutions, since the advent of COVID-19 and social distancing measures, healthcare providers have been experimenting with everything from telehealth to blockchain-backed contact tracing apps.

This accelerated rate of technology adoption paves the way for health-focused startups to gain traction. Smart Health Amsterdam will host a great session on how founders can use this momentum to expand their businesses.

Join Wouter Kroese (founder of PacMed), Rianne de Vries (founder of Breathomix), Rocco van den Berg (Startup Collaboration Expert Healthtech, Philips), and Sjaak Vink (founder of The Social MedWork) to hear their advice on expanding and getting financing, And more.

How can open government data be used? (1 October 11:30 – 12:00 CET)

Did you know that the Dutch government has published nearly 15,000 data sets for general use on the Internet? With data on everything from mobility to education, the Dutch national data portal can be a treasure trove for startups, marketing teams, venture capital, and anyone else who needs data in the Dutch market.

In a session hosted by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK), Jelle Verburg, product owner at, will discuss data communities, APIs, high-value datasets and data reuse. Join this session to learn more about how to take advantage of this amazing data library.

New AI Smooth Life Ecosystem (1 October 13-13: 30 CET)

For the first time, this year Huawei became one of the The largest smartphone manufacturer In the world. Now looking to the future, the company prepares to bundle its overall product strategy together.

With the advent of 5G and IoT technology, Huawei is focusing on creating a seamless connected life experience. But what does that mean for its next line?

If you love getting the latest tech gadgets, then join Andrew Garry, Chief Global Brand Officer, for a session on Huawei’s vision for the future and what is coming from the tech giant in the next few months.

A World You Win (October 1, 16:00 = 16:30 CET)

Confronting the fast-moving financial environment is challenging; This talk will examine how major banks like ABN AMRO are using emerging technologies to do just that.

What kinds of partnerships are needed for the best bank? What is possible with the resources of a large bank, and what are the challenges?

Find out more about how Head of Innovation and Technology Christian Bornfield plans to face new challenges head-on with emerging technology during his session on Open Banking.

Maintain brand consistency in the segmented design workflow (2 October 11:30 – 12 CET)

For many organizations, content marketing has become the primary driver for recognizing the brand, potential customers, and ultimately success.

That means, as the company expands, so does its team, with a network of writers, designers, photographers, videographers, freelancers, product marketers, and growth spread across time zones. But how do we maintain brand consistency when there are so many different actors?

Bart Van de Wiele, Adobe’s lead solutions consultant, thinks you should work smarter rather than harder. During this session, he will share some strategies to integrate cloud, artificial intelligence and template-based design to streamline workflows and enhance your company’s international brand identity.

UK as global launch pad (October 2, 12: 15-12: 45 CET)

London Call, But Should You Listen? In the past, a bustling startup environment and the opportunity for free movement have attracted many ambitious European founders to set up shop in the UK. But as Brexit approaches, entrepreneurs in Europe are asking questions about their future prospects in post-European Britain:

Can I still launch my company in the UK? What kind of support and opportunities are there? How will a British base help me expand overseas later?

The UK Embassy and Department of International Trade will host this session, providing insights into the government’s global entrepreneurship program. You will also hear from three global founders, Diane Janknegt (Founder and CEO, WizeNoze), Luigi Fidelio (CMO and Co-Founder, Messagenius), and Nish Kotecha (Chairman and Co-Founder, Finboot), about their experience growing and expanding an international startup. in the UK.

Tech Academies: Mediators in the War for Talent (October 2, 13-13: 40 CET)

To emerge from the post-shutdown economic recession, companies will need great tech talent more than ever. While a number of tech academies have emerged to help bridge the talent gap and move people to new jobs, some companies remain skeptical. Are the skills learned during a coding boot camp enough to take off and fill our open IT jobs?

Whether you are a company looking to fill your talent gap, or someone considering joining a technical academy and wondering about potential job opportunities, Startup Amsterdam will host this session to answer all your questions and more.

Join speakers from some of the best programming academies in the Netherlands including: Tamira van Roeyen (Founder, Techionista), Saskia Verstege (Managing Director, TechGrounds), and Wouter de Vos (CEO, Codaisseur).

Sustainability at Work (October 2, 17:15 – 17:45 CET)

We have finished washing the green. We all know businesses need to be sustainable by … yesterday. While many are rhetoric, few take effective action.

Join Fredrika Klarén (Chair of Sustainability Department, Polestar), Renae Kezar (Senior Director, Global Leader of Sustainability, Avery Dennison), Iggy Bassi (CEO, Cervest), and Lucy von Stormer (Founder of The Humblebrag) for an honest and concrete discussion about Steps companies can take to move towards a viable sustainability plan.

And if this topic interests you, don’t miss Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath’s session Electric vehicle cleaning (Day 2: 4-4: 30)Where he discusses the need for the auto industry to restore public confidence after the “diesel gateway” and the radical transparency movement he believes will help solve it.

Time to find out everything you need to know about the future of technology. For more inspiring sessions, check out the full schedule Here. If you don’t have a ticket yet, Join for free or upgrade Access to premium sessions, speaker networking opportunities, and more.

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