Time to ban A’s and Twins from MLB playoffs


Just lay there and think about what you did.

Just lay there and think about what you did.
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Major League Baseball began in the playoff match Main party Yesterday, as the wild card series kicked off in the MLS. While this was the season wondrous/a fun/ a Abomination – severe abhorrence, abhorrent action As for the sport and all the logic really (if you lean that way), there was just something exciting about a day full of stunts baseball. Even if those bets are completely made. So it was perhaps comforting that even in this hilarious new setting and after a totally weird season, there were old situations to welcome us like your favorite chair.

Twins and A both played a watershed game with their shoes tied together.

The twins started it all, and they had a real chance to make an impact on Astros’ path. They even got most of the nation on their side, as the laughter at Astros’ sudden and “sudden” inability to hit the ball throughout the season needed to be completed as they fell to their faces in qualifying. Qualifiers they couldn’t even manage a 500 record to qualify for. Everything was there for the Twinkies.

The twins had the one-laden bases in the first half, and they could unlock it there. Maybe Astros just wants this walk of shame to end with an early impotence. Perhaps being a funny person for months would diminish their craving. but not. Eddie hit Rosario, then Miguel Sano couldn’t beat the dribbler who tried him for third place to end the half.

Although Nelson Cruz scored an RBI double in third, they never seemed to score more in their favor, abandoning the lead at seventh. Then Astros painted the wall to look like a tunnel on the ninth, which the twins ran into, as they always did in the post-season period. With two competitors and two, George Springer of Houston settled on Jorge Polanco, who dealt with her with such urgency to fill out a form in the doctor’s office:

From there, Sergio Romo, nominated to be the new Wilford Brimley now that the original is dead, marched in the winning race. Something called Caleb Thielbar, which isn’t shockingly the name of a Temptation Island character, completed the coup by dropping a Michael Brantley hit single.

Meanwhile, basically, at the same time, A’s is completely dismantled by White Sox novice Lucas Giolito, not even running a basic runner through to seventh. While the A’s would never be able to exit the series without a left-handed jug, they were quick to start one on Jesús Luzardo, in a streak so short that you can do it before you get your COVID test again, Curious. Sox has crushed 0.523 as a team against the left this season, and the squad is full of right thunder.

This doesn’t mean that any of this is important, twins and A always suffer from a ‘rectal cranium’ condition when they fall, and the MLB has yet to allow a glass window to be inserted into their stomachs so they can see where they are going. This was the twins’ 17th consecutive loss. 17! They set the record by four … and counting. It’s been 16 years since the twins won the playoff match. If you were born around the same time that Twins already had a handshake line after a playoff game, you can drive now.

A’s aren’t exactly sad, but they haven’t won a series in 14 years. In fact, the last time either of these two teams won a series … was when they played each other. The only time these two can advance is when it is not possible to lose both. The next time someone asks you for something immutable and irresistible power … here you go.

They are just wasting our time now. You have transcended comedy, masquerade, or performance art and may override social commentary. The twins are almost certain to lose today, and this will treat us all to Astros who claim to be on a revival tour and how everyone goes out to get them and uses that for stimulation when all they did under the twins when they fall down like a totem pole. Players A would likely pull this into Game 3, it’s kind of their way, before they can hit a single hit in Game 3 when Tim Anderson pauses for a second.

The qualifying idea that anyone has a chance. It all depends on it’s okay that the regular season gets smashed, because anyone can get hot for a few weeks.

But twins and A can’t. They deny the meaning of all this. Their existence at this time is simply a challenge to Natural Law. Sisyphus at least got the physical activity of rolling that rock up the hill. Twins and A fans should just sit motionless and watch all of their players transform into inflatable wavy arm people each year as that rock spins them and then back down the hill. They can’t turn away, they can’t stop it, it’s just endurance.

Stop this madness.

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