ESPN’s Around the Horn sums up how everyone was feeling after the first presidential debate


ESPN’s Tony Reale may need to prepare for a double-duty.

The first presidential debate of the 2020 election season came and went on Tuesday, and regardless of who decided to vote for, the end result was, in short, chaotic. Both Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden skipped verbal swords overnight, leading to some messy and disjointed controversy that left Twitter wanting more.

This gave the sports fans an idea: Why not give the moderator a mute button like ESPN’s game and debate program “Around the Horn”?

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Journalist and director Chris Wallace was brimming with trying to verbally “separate” Trump and Biden overnight, leading people to question the supervisor’s true strength, in case he was unable to persuade one candidate to stop talking without the other. Tony Really has a lot of experience with that.

For those unaware, ESPN’s long-running program pits four sportsbooks against each other, giving points for good discussion, clearing out for bad discussion, while host and director Reali are allowed to press the mute button to silence panelists due to breaking out a topic, interrupting others or Talk for a long time. In a way, it all happened on Tuesday night.

Twitter noticed this, and in a rare solitude moment in 2020 in the USA, it kept telling the same joke:

Well, if they can’t get Reali in the next debate then maybe both candidates can take the “American Ninja Warrior” course instead.

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