bring it! Bachelor’s Men Claire Crowley is introduced to a new promo


let the games begin! Claire Crowley She has a lot of men to choose from in her upcoming movie Bachelorette Season – Fans were given a final look at the contenders Brand new promotional ad.

On Tuesday, September 29, ABC caught a sneak peek at what’s to come in the unconventional hairdresser’s season. The clip is approximately 90 seconds long It briefly introduces the 31 men Who have ventured to the La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, California, to fight for the heart of the 39-year-old amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I see my husband in this room,” Crowley said to the assembled men, before finishing her toast by saying, “Cheer!”

Later, Crowley is seen eagerly kissing two different contestants. One of the suitors said in the voiceover, “At the end of the day, if she chooses me, this is the greatest love story ever.” Another competitor says he “could definitely see myself falling in love with Claire”.

From there, a group of Crowley’s contenders share what is most important to them when searching for love. Garen, A journalism professor from North Hollywood, is looking for a “kind person,” while … Mike, Digital consultant from Canada, wants “the girl who is my best friend”. at the same time, ChrisLandscaping Salesman from Salt Lake City says a woman’s personality is “the most important thing”.

In a way typical of a bachelor in the nation, the preview does not come without a taste for drama. The suitor appears to ask, “Who is here for the right reasons,” while another man suggests that “this will turn into Lord of flies. “

Before closing, the joke shares a glimpse of the upcoming hilarious dates and shows how Crowley connects with the group of men. “I am surrounded by 31 amazing men,” she says. “I just love them!”

The Final Tour of The Bachelor’s Claire Crowley for Men introduces a new promotional show
Claire Crowley at the upcoming ‘The Bachelorette’ season premiere on October 13, 2020. ABC / Craig Sajoudin

Crowley previously appeared on Juan Pablo Galaves‘ On BSC In 2014. After becoming his runner-up, she appeared in seasons 1 and 2 of Bachelor of Heaven. In 2018, she starred in Bachelor of Winter GamesWhere she met her ex-fiancé now, Benoit Bossegor Savard.

Crowley was announced as its 16th bachelorette season in March, but filming has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Before Head to La Quinta Resort, She admitted, “obviously” she searched Google for the contestants.

“Which woman is not? Are you kidding me?” She said on Podcast “The Bachelor in Happy Hour” in June. “I’ll say this. In the beginning, I didn’t really do it. I didn’t really do it and that was because, I don’t know. I kind of felt like I wanted to get to know them and aside from that, I know what my Instagram is like. It’s a piece of my life … You have to see and feel it in person, and no matter what their lives are and what they look like on Instagram, it’s nice to see them in person and I’m huge on pheromones, so that’s the end for me. ”

Soon after production resumed, Crowley decided to leave filming early after a contestant ran into difficulty. Us weekly Later confirmed that Taishia AdamsWho appeared in Colton Underwood‘s Bachelor of Season and Bachelor of Heaven Season 6 It will serve as Crowley’s replacement.

Season 16 And bachelorette It will be shown on ABC on October 13 at 8 PM ET.

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