Bachelorette Mike Johnson opens up to his new bedroom


Bachelorette brothers! Mike Johnson I can’t wait to live with the nation’s bachelor Connor Sealy.

“Yes, Connor and I will be moving to Austin. Let’s go,” said Johnson, 32 Ben Higgins And the Ashley Aconite Monday, September 28, episode of “Always FamousPodcast.

After Higgins, 31, asked Johnson to clarify what Connor he’s talking about, Air Force Veterinarian Jokingly, “He won our season And bachelorette. “

Mike Johnson reveals which bachelorette classmate he could move in with
Mike Johnson. ABC / John Flynor

In fact, Saeli, 25, and Johnson were sent home during the seventh week of Season 15 of The Dating Show, after competing on Hannah BrownHeart in 2019.

“Connor lives in Dallas. I live in San Antonio, but my family is from Dallas, so I would always go to Dallas and Connor and would always try to kick,” Johnson explained about how the move happened. “It’s normal that we keep working together. Even on the show, we were buddies. He left, then left the next day. It was meant to be.”

The Make the love you want author He revealed that he “swore” he would never have another roommate, noting that his last companion was when he was 20 years old.

Johnson’s biggest fear about sharing a space with someone else is that he won’t be able to strip as much as he likes.

“I’m not going to lie. When you feel frustrated or sad or depressed or whatever, [I] They run around the house naked and listen to him [my] Favorite music and shouting is at the top [my] Lungs, “he explained.” I can still do my business in my room. Just close the door.

Conor Saili Mike Johnson reveals his bachelorette mate he's moving to
Connor Sealy. Courtesy Connor Sealy / Instagram

The Bachelor of Heaven Alum also revealed that Saeli who appeared in Season 6 of beep Also, “unwanted”, which can be a problem.

Johnson said, “Connor loves to work out, which is one of the reasons I’m happy moving in together, because it’s going to have a positive effect on me, but the guy needs to pick up after himself.”

Earlier this month, Johnson spoke to Us weekly About his new homemate, he said the two “strive to achieve the same kinds of goals”, including staying healthy and in good shape.

He said, “This guy, all he cares about is like fitness.” we in September. “That’s all he cares about. And I love him because I care about flirting, but like, let’s be honest, I definitely missed a full day or, you know, something like that.”

The reality star added that after he started And bachelorette He has become close to a lot of the former contestants, calling many of them “my brothers now.”

But if He will look for love again on TVHe said he would stay away from someone else beep season. “It’s not just my cup of tea,” he explained.

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