Late-night hosts erupted over Briona Taylor’s decision: ‘If only the criminal justice system valued blacks as much as drywall did


Late-night comedians got serious on Wednesday after a Kentucky jury decided not to charge police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Briona Taylor.

The grand jury decision flared up Large-scale protests and violence Throughout Louisville, as demonstrations erupted in other cities across the country. In Louisville, two police officers Shot amid riots. Officials said the policemen were in stable condition and the suspect was being held.

Protesters in Louisville were videotaped chanting, “We didn’t get it, burn it!” Another video showed a U-haul truck carrying a sign that read “End the Police.”

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah on Twitter shortly after the grand jury decision was announced that the criminal justice system does not value blacks.

NBC Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon interviewed MSNBC’s Joy Reed about the issue. In the interview, Reid alleged that police officers “broke into and then started shooting,” resulting in Taylor’s death. But Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said on Wednesday that the police officers I knocked first before entering And that Taylor’s friend opened fire thinking they were intruders.

Jimmy Kimmel from ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Complained about President Donald Trump’s reaction to the Taylor case.

“My message is that I love the black community,” the president told reporters when asked about the issue. “It has offered more to the black community than any other president. I say excluding the possibility of Abraham Lincoln, and I mean that. With areas of opportunity, criminal justice reform, prison reform, with what we have done for universities, colleges and historically black schools, and what we have done.”

Kimmel said in response, “He’s cool. No matter what you ask him about, he makes it all about himself.”

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