Trump opposes mandating the national mask during the pandemic


President Donald Trump reiterated on Tuesday that he did not want to issue a national mask mandate during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump said, “By the way, there are a lot of people who don’t want to wear masks.” “A lot of people think masks are not good.”

The president commented on the masks after a voter from ABC News town hall hosted by George Stephanopoulos asked him why he did not support the National Mask mandate.

He remembers watching waiters serving in a restaurant touch their masks to set them and then touch the dishes.

He said, “The concept of the mask is good, but … you touch it constantly, you touch your face, you touch the panels.” “There are people who don’t think masks are good.”

Trump noted that former Vice President Joe Biden had called for a patriotic mask to be delegated during his speech at the conference, but backed off the idea.

He said, “They checked and they did not.”

Trump also defended his initial response to the virus, despite complaints that he downplayed its lethal nature at the start of the crisis.

Trump said, “I didn’t underestimate that.” “I actually, in many ways, played it in terms of movement.”

He said his decision to ban travel from China has saved millions of lives at a time when Democrats have criticized the idea.

He said: “I was very ahead of my final,” noting that Biden was talking about the threat as being exaggerated, and former House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi was inviting people to come to visit Chinatown in San Francisco.

He also defended his statement that the virus will disappear.

He said, “You will be gone, George.” “we will be back.”

He said that developing vaccines and herd immunity would help get rid of the virus.

“The herd will develop, and this will happen. All this will happen.” “But with the vaccine, I think it will disappear very quickly.”

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