If the NHL wants to fight racism, it can start with how he handles Ryan Reeves


Vegas right winger, Ryan Reeves, hit Dallas player Isa Lendl (right) and was racially insulted by an unknown star.

Vegas right winger, Ryan Reeves, hit Dallas player Isa Lendl (right) and was racially insulted by an unknown star.
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The Vegas Golden Knights were knocked out in overtime by the Dallas Stars Monday night, 3–2, and it appears that an ugly ice-breaker racial incident went unnoticed or reported.

In the first period, Vegas striker Ryan Reeves hit Dallas player Isa Lindell, leading him to Reeves teammate William Carrier. A Dallas player can be heard saying, “Keep picking your players, you ugly fool.”

Reaves has a black father and a white mother, so there is no doubt that calling him a “jerk,” is truly racist insult. What is unknown is who said slander.

There was some confusion over whether he was calling him an “ugly bum” or “the ugly mutt”, but it was confirmed by Ryan Reschog of TSN and Thomas Drance of Athletic that he was indeed “stupid”. It was originally reported that the comment was directed at William Carrier of Vegas, but Carrier was not responsible for the strike, and was not mixed racially, so it is unlikely that it was the target of the insult.

Peter Hassett from Russian Machine’s Never Breaks blog is one of the few who reported the incident last night. writing:

At least three weeks ago, Reeves personally addressed the continuing role of racism in hockey and how it might be accounted for through the solidarity of white players.

“Last night I struggled with what I wanted to do,” Reeves said. “Whether that is,” Will I really walk Out of my team and being the only person (who is protesting)? Or will it be a couple? But I did wake up to a message from Kevin Shatenkirk and he had a group of men in the East over there. They wanted to talk. Then I got a text that Vancouver wanted to talk about. I think that was even more powerful – the conversation started by white players on other teams who want to speak. I think this is the strongest thing that happened today. “

And today, September 14, 2020, another player called the NHL’s most visible black player a racist nickname.

The NHL tried to make a good show by forming a united front against racism, with Reeves at the forefront. Every black NHL player has had to deal with blatant racism, who Wayne Symonds has Throwing him bananas In London, Ontario, to Chicago Hawks fans mock Devanti Smith Bailey.

But this ugly incident is like offense Akim Aliu sufferedIt proves that players not only suffer from racial taunts from fans, but from players and coaches. It is endemic to sports culture.

Yes, it must be said: Reaves is a physically strong player who breaks through the play area at boundaries and can take care of himself. He can definitely set whoever insulted him on the stars. But he shouldn’t.

But three weeks ago, the NHL players said they had restored Reeves’s back. This proves that hockey still has a long way to go to really make a difference in its sport, not to mention the outside world.

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